American Dream Mall Incidents

The American Dream Mall located in East Rutherford, New Jersey is one of the largest malls in the United States. However, Chokerclub has covered two notable incidents that have occurred at the mall over the past few years – the helicopter fall in the DreamWorks Water Park in 2023 and the bomb threat evacuation in 2019. These incidents have raised concerns over safety policies and impacted public perception and business at the mall.

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Key Takeaways
Two major incidents occurred at the American Dream Mall in recent years – a helicopter fall and bomb threat
These incidents caused injuries, disruption, and safety concerns
The incidents have impacted public opinion, reputation, and business
Mall management has faced pressure to improve safety measures

Background on the American Dream Mall

4 injured after decorative helicopter falls into pool at American Dream mall

Overview of Mall Scale and Offerings

The American Dream Mall first opened in 2019 and is one of the biggest malls in America at over 3 million square feet. It contains extensive entertainment offerings including theme parks, water parks, live shows, restaurants, and over 450 retail stores.

Promise of an Unparalleled Experience

When plans for the mega-mall were first announced, there was great excitement over what was billed as an unparalleled shopping and entertainment extravaganza. Mall executives promoted it as a revolutionary concept that would redefine the mall experience in America.

However, that vision has faced challenges after high-profile incidents have raised safety concerns.

The Helicopter Incident of 2023

Decorative Helicopter Plummets into Pool

In October 2023, a decorative helicopter suspended over the DreamWorks Water Park detached and fell into the pool below. The heavy object plunged over 30 feet, causing injuries to 4 guests. An investigation found that a damaged rope had led to the failure.

Park Closed for Repairs and Investigation

The water park was immediately closed after the event so repairs could be made and authorities could conduct a full review. It remained closed for nearly a week, resulting in lost revenue and frustration for those planning to visit the mall.

Impact on Perceived Safety of Mall Experience

For an entertainment complex that promised cutting-edge thrills, the dramatic helicopter incident ended up heightening fears instead. Questions emerged about whether sufficient safety checks and precautions had been taken.

The Bomb Threat of 2019

Chaos on Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. But just months after opening its doors, the American Dream Mall had to abruptly shut down on Black Friday 2019 due to a called-in bomb threat.

Mall Evacuated During Peak Hours

Police mobilized quickly to sweep the complex and evacuate shoppers and employees from the site. The sudden evacuation caused confusion and anger for many who had come seeking holiday deals and entertainment.

Impact on Customer Experience

Though the threat was soon deemed not credible, the damage was done. The exciting opening months of the megamall were disrupted by a scary incident that raised concerns over the venue’s preparedness. It was another blow to confidence in the American Dream concept.

Mall Safety Policies and Procedures

Fallout Leads to Calls for Review

In the aftermath of both high-profile incidents at the American Dream complex, state safety authorities have pressed mall management for evidence review and improvements of safety protocols.

Ensuring Safety Checks and Training

Mall executives have been forced to answer tough questions about safety standards, equipment inspection processes, employee training policies, and emergency response programs. The goal is to plug any holes and provide assurance to the public.

Installing New Warning Systems

Both the helicopter and bomb threat incidents revealed gaps in the American Dream Mall’s ability to instantly detect threats and communicate warnings. As a result, they have begun installing enhanced detection technology and public address systems.

Public Perception After Incidents

Excitement Turns to Doubt

The unique concept behind the American Dream Mall initially generated enthusiasm amongst shoppers and businesses eager to be part of the experience. However, high-profile safety incidents have caused the public’s confidence to erode.

Questioning the Safety of Families

For an entertainment complex marketed to families, the falls and threats have parents second-guessing if their children will actually be protected. The incidents undermine the carefree atmosphere the mall wants to promote.

Continued Scrutiny Over Responsiveness

As shoppers return to the mega-mall, there will be heightened scrutiny of how responsive and transparent mall management is. Restoring trust will require going above and beyond when facing criticism or new safety issues.

Impact on Business and Reputation

Financial Costs and Lower Attendance

Between costs for repairs, upgraded equipment, lost revenue due to closures, and fewer visitors, the incidents have clearly hurt the American Dream Mall’s profits and projections.

Key Partners Grow Wary

High commercial vacancy rates already plagued the mall, but after the helicopter and threats, retailers and entertainment partners may grow even more cautious about investing in the risky concept.

Competitors Seize on Challenges

Rival malls and entertainment centers in the busy New Jersey market now have fresh ammunition to attack the American Dream, weakening what was supposed to be an unrivaled project. The safety incidents provide easy fodder for competitors.

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