Chad Doberman Bodycam Video Unedited Revealed

In the wake of the tragic murders of three young boys in Ohio, the public is seeking answers. Chad Doerman, the boys’ father, has been arrested and charged with aggravated murder. Disturbing details have emerged, including bodycam footage that captured Doerman’s chilling demeanor after the incident. As the investigation unfolds, questions linger about what led to this horrific act. Dive into the details of the Chad Doberman Bodycam Video Unedited, his criminal history, and the community’s response. Stay informed with the latest updates at Chokerclub.

Chad Doberman Bodycam Video Unedited Revealed
Chad Doberman Bodycam Video Unedited Revealed
Chad DoermanArrested and charged with aggravated murderThree sons executedMonroe Township, Ohio
Three young boysShot and killed by their fatherIncident reported via multiple 911 callsInside the family home
Bodycam footageDoerman calmly states he won’t hurt anyoneFootage taken after the incidentN/A
Community membersHeld prayer events and fundraisersShow support for surviving familyVarious locations within the community
Legal proceedingsPreliminary hearing scheduled for June 26Doerman could face the death penaltyCourtroom in Monroe Township, Ohio

I. Chad Doerman Case


Chad Doerman, 32, is a father from Monroe Township, Ohio, USA.

On May 25, 2023, Doerman was arrested and charged with aggravated murder for the deaths of his three young sons, ages 3, 4, and 7.


According to multiple 911 calls, the incident occurred at the Doerman residence on May 25th.

Callers reported hearing gunshots and chaos ensuing.

When police arrived, they found the three boys dead from gunshot wounds.

Timeline of Events
May 25, 2023Incident reported via 911 calls
May 25, 2023Chad Doerman arrested and charged with aggravated murder
June 26, 2023Preliminary hearing scheduled

II. Bodycam Footage

Calm Demeanor

Bodycam footage captured after the incident shows Chad Doerman calmly stating that he won’t hurt anyone. This footage has raised questions about Doerman’s mental state at the time of the killings.

Limited Information

The bodycam footage does not provide a complete picture of the events leading up to the shootings. It is unclear what transpired before the police arrived on the scene.

Chad Doerman“I won’t hurt anyone.”
Bodycam Footage
Bodycam Footage

III. Criminal Background

Chad Doerman’s criminal record includes a decade-old domestic violence charge. However, he has no other serious criminal offenses on his record.

2012Domestic violenceUnknown
Criminal Background
Criminal Background

IV. Community Response

The Monroe Township community has been deeply shaken by the tragic events involving the Doerman family. In the wake of this horrific incident, community members have come together to offer support and comfort to the surviving family members.

Prayer events and fundraisers have been organized throughout the community, with residents gathering to offer their condolences and raise funds to assist the family during this difficult time. Local businesses and organizations have also stepped forward to provide support, offering donations and assistance in any way they can.

Community Response
Community Response

V. Legal Proceedings

Chad Doerman’s first court appearance was on May 17, 2023, where he was arraigned on three counts of aggravated murder. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26, where the judge will determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. Doerman is currently being held without bond.

VI. Conclusion

The Chad Doerman case is a horrific reminder of the devastating impact that domestic violence can have. The senseless loss of three young lives is a tragedy that has deeply affected the community and raised concerns about the warning signs and prevention of such heinous crimes. As the legal proceedings unfold, it is crucial to remember the victims and their loved ones who are struggling to cope with this unimaginable loss. The community’s outpouring of support and the ongoing investigation underscore the importance of standing together against domestic violence and working towards a future where such tragedies can be prevented.

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