Hstikkytokky Jon Zherka Video Viral Reddit

The internet loves drama, and social media was sent into a frenzy recently when footage went viral of Kick streamers Jon Zherka and HSTikkyTokky getting into a physical altercation. The fight took place in public, and was captured on video, allowing it to spread like wildfire across platforms like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube. Of course, the overall public consensus was that Zherka was thoroughly embarrassed, and the memes soon followed mocking him for picking a fight he clearly couldn’t win. The incident perfectly fed into the preexisting narrative around Zherka’s reputation as an attention-seeking instigator. In this article “Hstikkytokky Jon Zherka Video Viral Reddit“, Chokerclub will take a deep dive into how Reddit and Twitter reacted to the viral fight between Jon Zherka and HSTikkyTokky.

Hstikkytokky Jon Zherka Video Viral Reddit
Hstikkytokky Jon Zherka Video Viral Reddit

Who Are Jon Zherka and HSTikkyTokky?

For those unfamiliar, Jon Zherka is a controversial Kick streamer known for his outlandish antics and larger-than-life persona. The ex-bouncer built an audience by courting controversy, whether by picking fights with other creators or posting crass commentary on his social media.

HSTikkyTokky, meanwhile, is a popular Kick broadcaster focusing on IRL content, with over 700k followers on the platform. Compared to Zherka, HS tends to avoid drama and makes more lighthearted travel vlogs and challenge videos.

Prior to their physical confrontation, Zherka and HSTikkyTokky had an ongoing beef brewing, with the former taking shots at HS both online and in person at events. Tensions escalated over time, before finally boiling over into violence on the streets of Miami.

Who Are Jon Zherka And Hstikkytokky?
Who Are Jon Zherka And Hstikkytokky?

Breaking Down the Viral Fight Video

The altercation itself took place in Miami, and was initiated by Zherka confronting HSTikkyTokky while the latter was live streaming on Kick. Footage shows Zherka shoving HS while wearing boxing gloves, before the two scuffle briefly on the sidewalk.

Despite being larger in size, Zherka seemed overwhelmed in the hand-to-hand exchange, with HSTikkyTokky remaining on his feet and avoiding any big blows. After ending up in the middle of the street, the two are quickly separated by onlookers before things could escalate further.

Overall the fight only lasted about 15-20 seconds of actual physical contact. But it was more than enough for the clip to go viral, not only on Kick but across all major social platforms.

Breaking Down The Viral Fight Video
Breaking Down The Viral Fight Video

The Public Clowns Zherka for Losing the Fight He Started

It didn’t take long for the memes to start pouring in clowning Jon Zherka for essentially getting his butt whooped after trying to attack someone unprovoked. Despite his tough guy persona, Zherka came out looking like a fool who bit off more than he could chew.

The tweets and comments mocking his poor performance highlighted the absurdity of him strutting up to HS in boxing gloves as if he were about to deliver some epic beatdown. Jokes were made about him probably rehearsing trash talk in the mirror for weeks prior, only to get humbled in less than 30 seconds of actual fighting.

Overall, the public consensus was that Zherka ended up embarrassed after trying to manufacture viral drama and picking a fight with the wrong person. HSTikkyTokky also received some criticism for ultimately engaging in the physical confrontation, but the majority of heat was on Zherka for instigating an altercation he couldn’t finish.

Watch Hstikkytokky Jon Zherka Video

Reddit Offers Play-by-Play Breakdowns and Zherka Memes

As you would expect, the fight video instantly made the rounds on Reddit, where users didn’t hold back on roasting Zherka for his failed stunt. Some of the most popular threads included:

  • r/LivestreamFail – The main subreddit for livestreamer drama, where the fight climbed to the top of the front page. The most upvoted comments mocked Zherka for getting rag dolled and trying to save face.
  • r/kick – The main Kick subreddit also had active threads dissecting the fight video, criticizing Zherka for threatening other creators for clout
  • r/kickDrama – This subreddit focused on Kick drama really went in on clowning Zherka, saying the fight destroyed his tough guy image

In addition to the discussions, some classic memes quickly emerged from the incident:

  • Edits of Zherka as a boxer with glass chin or paper bones, getting knocked out by a light breeze
  • Images of HSTikkyTokky dodging Zherka’s wild swings in slow motion like the Matrix
  • Before and after mugshots of Zherka looking bruised and defeated after the fight

Overall, Reddit had an absolute field day at Zherka’s expense, relishing in his embarrassing loss after trying to manufacture drama. The viral fight was perfect content to generate an endless stream of memes and jokes highlighting Zherka’s failure.

Zherka Defiantly Claims He Would Have Won if Cops Hadn’t Arrived

In the aftermath of the altercation, HSTikkyTokky chose not to gloat or rub salt in the wound, tweeting that he hopes the situation doesn’t escalate further. Jon Zherka, however, quickly went on the defensive, arguing that the Fight would have ended in his favor if it wasn’t broken up prematurely.

“He could never choke sh*t,” Zherka wrote about HS on Twitter. “And I was pushing my head against his chest and he knew he ain’t got no guard against whats coming so he whispers COPS.”

Zherka insisted that he was in control of the exchange, and HSTikkyTokky was the one who cried uncle by allegedly warning the police were coming. But his claims were mostly met with ridicule and accusations that he was trying to save face after losing the brawl he started.

Few seemed to buy Zherka’s side of the story, given how much the footage contradicted his tough guy bravado. The dominant reactions were that his reputation took a massive L, and trying to deny that reality only made him look more desperate.

YouTube Commentators Dissect the Fight’s Impact on Zherka’s Brand

The incident quickly became a hot topic for commentary channels on YouTube, who dissected what the viral beatdown meant for Zherka’s future prospects as a Kick personality.

Philip DeFranco noted that while Zherka has always courted controversy, this exchange made it unlikely other organizations would want to work with him going forward due to his unpredictability.

H3H3Productions highlighted how the fight encapsulated Zherka’s apparent desperation for relevancy, by trying to force confrontations even when the other party isn’t interested.

No Jumper pointed out the lack of self-awareness Zherka displayed, overestimating his own fighting skills and livestreaming himself taking an L.

Overall, the main takeaway was that this incident perfectly fed into Zherka’s reputation as an unstable clout chaser. Trying to instigate a physical fight just to go viral massively backfired, and could seriously damage his long-term career.

How Does This Affect Each Streamer Moving Forward?

Consequences for Jon Zherka

  • The fight makes him look desperate and highlights his lack of judgment
  • Other streamers may be hesitant to collaborate with him in the future
  • Could face criminal charges or suspension from Kick for violence
  • Permanent reputational damage as an Internet tough guy

What it Means for HSTikkyTokky

  • Bring mainstream attention, but also unwanted drama to his channel
  • Might avoid further collaborations or events with Zherka
  • Could try to steer his brand away from confrontation
  • Overall boosts his reputation and popularity for “winning” the fight

This likely won’t be the end of Zherka’s attempts to provoke other creators for views. But the viral beatdown highlighted the real world risks of his clout chasing tactics. If nothing else, the memes and public mocking will sting his ego.

All in all, the fight provided the perfect viral spectacle, as social media loves to see instigators like Zherka get their comeuppance. This incident will forever be remembered for putting the ex-bouncer firmly in his place.

In Conclusion

The cringeworthy fight between Jon Zherka and HSTikkyTokky gave the internet all the drama it could handle.

Zherka has always styled himself as an edgy alpha male, but picking an unwise fight and subsequently losing only amplified his reputation as an attention-seeking clout chaser. He can make all the excuses about cops intervening, but the reality is HSTikkyTokky weathered his attack and came out looking far better.

Reddit and Twitter had a field day mocking Zherka, creating an endless bounty of memes highlighting the absurdity of him stepping to someone much calmer and likeable. YouTube commentators noted how the confrontation encapsulated all of Zherka’s worst traits.

While Zherka will likely continue his antagonistic antics, this public humiliation should serve as a lesson on the limits of manufacturing drama for views. In the world of viral content, sometimes the joke ends up being on you.

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