Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide To The New Rules And Units

The tau codex leak has sent shockwaves through the Warhammer 40k community, with eager fans buzzing with excitement to learn more about the upcoming changes to the T’au Empire. Will the Greater Good prevail? Visit Chokerclub to stay up-to-date on the latest Tau Codex leak news and analysis, and be the first to know when the official release drops. With our in-depth coverage and insights, you’ll be ready to dominate the battlefield with the T’au Empire’s cutting-edge technology and relentless determination.

Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide To The New Rules And Units
Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Rules and Units

I. Tau Codex Leak: Unveiling the Secrets of the T’au Empire


The Tau Codex Leak reveals significant updates to T’au unit statblocks. Core units like Fire Warriors and Stealth Teams gain improved Ballistic Skill and Leadership, enhancing their accuracy and resilience. Commanders receive powerful new abilities, such as the ability to grant re-rolls to hit and wound, making them even more formidable leaders.

Unit Ballistic Skill Leadership
Fire Warriors 4+ 7
Stealth Teams 4+ 8
Commanders 4+ 9

Weapons and Wargear

The Tau Codex Leak introduces a range of new weapons and wargear for the T’au Empire. The Ion Rifle receives a significant boost, gaining the ability to ignore modifiers to saving throws. New weapons like the Fusion Blade and Cyclic Ion Blaster provide T’au units with increased lethality and versatility.

  • Ion Rifle: Ignores modifiers to saving throws
  • Fusion Blade: Grants +2 Strength and AP -4
  • Cyclic Ion Blaster: Fires twice per turn

II. Statblocks

Updated Statblocks

The Tau Codex Leak reveals significant updates to the statblocks of T’au units. Notable changes include:

  • Increased Toughness for Fire Warriors and Battlesuits
  • Improved Ballistic Skill for Crisis Suits and Commanders
  • Updated Wounds and Save characteristics for various units

These changes enhance the resilience and firepower of the T’au Empire, making them a more formidable force on the battlefield.

New Abilities and Keywords

The leak also introduces new abilities and keywords for the T’au Empire. Key among these are:

  • Mont’ka: A new ability that grants bonuses to movement and shooting for units with the “Rapid Insertion” keyword
  • Kauyon: A new ability that grants bonuses to overwatch and defensive abilities for units with the “Patient Hunter” keyword
  • Markerlight synergy: Improved rules for Markerlights, making them more effective at supporting other units

These new abilities provide T’au players with greater strategic flexibility and tactical options in battle.

Unit Toughness Wounds
Fire Warrior 3 1
Crisis Suit 5 6
Commander 6 8

III. Weapons and Wargear

New and Improved Weaponry

The Tau Codex Leak reveals several new and improved weapons for the T’au Empire, including the Cyclic Ion Blaster, the Fusion Blaster, and the Railgun. These weapons offer increased range, strength, and damage output, providing T’au players with more firepower options to dominate the battlefield.

Enhanced Wargear and Equipment

In addition to new weapons, the leak also unveils a range of enhanced wargear and equipment for the T’au Empire. These include the Advanced Targeting System, the Multi-Tracker, and the Jetpack. These upgrades enhance the T’au’s accuracy, mobility, and survivability, making them a more versatile and formidable force on the tabletop.

Weapon Strength Range Damage
Cyclic Ion Blaster 5 18″ 2+
Fusion Blaster 8 12″ D6+2
Railgun 10 36″ D6+4

### Notable ChangesThe Tau Codex Leak also introduces some notable changes to existing weapons and wargear. For example, the Burst Cannon now has a longer range and increased damage output, while the Plasma Rifle has been given a new overcharge ability. These changes further enhance the T’au Empire’s firepower and tactical flexibility.

IV. Other Notable Points

In addition to the statblock updates and new weapons and wargear, the Tau Codex Leak also reveals other notable points that will impact the T’au Empire’s gameplay. These include:

  • Improved Savior Protocols: Savior Protocols, a core defensive ability for the T’au Empire, have been enhanced, making it more difficult for opponents to target and eliminate key units.
  • New Stratagems: A range of new stratagems have been introduced, providing T’au players with greater tactical flexibility and options during gameplay.
  • Updated Warlord Traits: The Warlord Traits available to T’au commanders have been updated, offering new and improved bonuses to enhance the leadership and abilities of your army.

Overall, the Tau Codex Leak provides a comprehensive overview of the changes and enhancements coming to the T’au Empire in the upcoming edition of Warhammer 40k. These updates promise to make the T’au Empire a more formidable and versatile faction, offering players a range of new options and strategies to explore.

V. Conclusion

The Tau Codex Leak provides a wealth of information that will shape the future of the T’au Empire in Warhammer 40k. With updated statblocks, new weapons and wargear, and other notable changes, T’au players will have a range of new options and strategies to explore. The leak has generated excitement and anticipation within the community, and it will be interesting to see how these changes impact the gameplay and meta of Warhammer 40k.

Unit Points Cost Wargear
Fire Warriors 10 points per model Pulse rifles, grenades
Crisis Battlesuits 35 points per model Burst cannons, missile launchers, plasma rifles
Riptide Battlesuit 120 points per model Ion accelerator, burst cannons, missile launchers

Overall, the Tau Codex Leak offers a glimpse into the future of the T’au Empire and provides valuable insights for players who are eager to optimize their strategies and prepare for the upcoming codex release.

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