Cyan Boujee Viral Video on Twitter Original

Chokerclub dives into the recent viral sensation involving Cyan Boujee, a name that has dominated Twitter feeds and sparked curiosity worldwide. What unfolded, and how has it impacted the South African social media landscape? Let’s explore.

Cyan Boujee Viral Video On Twitter Original
Cyan Boujee Viral Video On Twitter Original

Key Takeaways

SubjectCyan Boujee, South African DJ and influencer
EventViral video leaked on Twitter
AccusationsInvolvement of Prince Kaybee in the video’s leak
ConsequencesLegal issues and public reaction
Public ResponseMixed reactions from fans and followers
Current StatusOngoing discussions and speculations

The Viral Phenomenon

Background of Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee, a South African musician and DJ, recently became the center of a major internet buzz. Known for her engaging YouTube channel “Boujee Space,” Boujee has a significant following online, with over 86,000 subscribers. Her content mainly focuses on music and her life as a DJ.

The Viral Twitter Video

The internet was set ablaze on August 8, 2023, when a private video featuring Cyan Boujee was leaked on Twitter. This explicit video, referred to as the ‘tlof tlof’ video, quickly went viral, leaving many questions about its origins and the individuals involved.

The Controversy and Accusations

Cyan Boujee’s Reaction

Following the leak, Cyan Boujee expressed deep distress. She publicly accused Prince Kaybee, a renowned South African music producer, of being responsible for circulating the explicit content. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she pointed fingers at him as the primary culprit behind the scandal.

Legal Implications

In an interesting twist, Cyan Boujee faced legal issues earlier in June 2023. She was arrested on suspicion of stealing an iPhone 13, but the charges were eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence. This incident, combined with the video scandal, has intensified public interest in her story.

The Controversy And Accusations
The Controversy And Accusations

Public and Media Reaction

Mixed Responses from Fans

Cyan Boujee’s followers and fans have displayed a range of reactions. While some express support and concern for her privacy, others are drawn to the scandalous nature of the video and the accusations against Prince Kaybee.

Media Coverage

The story has been extensively covered by various media outlets, each offering their perspective on the saga. The focus has been on the leak’s impact on Cyan Boujee’s career and personal life, as well as the broader implications for privacy and consent in the digital age.

Current Developments and Speculations

Ongoing Investigations

As of now, the exact details surrounding the video’s leak remain unclear. Investigations are presumably ongoing, but there has been no official statement confirming any developments or conclusions.

Speculations and Discussions

The internet is rife with speculations and discussions about the incident. Fans and critics alike are trying to piece together the puzzle, leading to various theories and conjectures about the motives and consequences of the leak.


The Cyan Boujee scandal illustrates the volatile nature of internet fame and the complexities of privacy in the digital era. It serves as a reminder of the thin line between public life and personal privacy, especially for influencers and public figures. As we continue to watch this story unfold, one can’t help but ponder the repercussions this incident will have on Cyan Boujee’s career and the broader conversation about consent and privacy online. Chokerclub will keep you updated on the latest developments in this gripping saga.

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