San Dimas Shooting – Tragic Incident

In a series of alarming events, the community of San Dimas has been rocked by multiple shootings. At Chokerclub, we’re committed to shedding light on these incidents, understanding their impact on the community, and keeping you informed. What happened in this usually peaceful town? Let’s dive into the details and unravel the story behind the shooting in San Dimas.

San Dimas Shooting - Tragic Incident
San Dimas Shooting – Tragic Incident

Key Takeaways:

LocationSan Dimas, California
IncidentsMultiple shootings in different areas
FatalitiesAt least two people killed
SuspectsOne identified, others unknown
InvestigationsOngoing by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Community ImpactHigh, with increased concerns about safety

The First Shooting: A Sudden Tragedy

The Incident

A tragic incident unfolded on a Tuesday evening in a residential neighborhood in San Dimas. Responding to reports of shots fired, deputies arrived at the 1800 block of Hawbrook Drive, near San Dimas Canyon Road, to find a victim pronounced dead at the scene​​.

The Investigation

As of now, there’s no suspect description available, nor a clear motive behind this shooting​​. The Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau is actively investigating, urging anyone with information to come forward.

A Family Feud Turns Deadly

The Confrontation

In a separate incident, a 62-year-old man, Joseph Dambra, is accused of killing his brother, Richard Dambra, in San Dimas. This unfortunate event took place on South Valley Center Avenue. It appears to have stemmed from “internal problems within the family”​​.

The Escalation

The situation escalated quickly after Joseph’s arrival at a family member’s home. Post the shooting, he reportedly fired into an unoccupied car belonging to another brother, hinting at a targeted attack​​.

A Family Feud Turns Deadly
A Family Feud Turns Deadly

The Community in Shock

Repeated Violence

Another shooting occurred on a Wednesday evening in the 200 block of South Valley Center Avenue, resulting in one more fatality. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, further adding to the community’s growing concerns​​.

Seeking Justice

Investigators are calling for public assistance in piecing together these events. If you have any information, you’re urged to contact the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau or Crime Stoppers​​.

The Community In Shock
The Community In Shock

The Ripple Effect on the Community

Fear and Uncertainty

San Dimas, typically known for its tranquility and community spirit, is now grappling with a sense of fear and uncertainty. These shootings have not only claimed lives but have also instilled a deep sense of insecurity among the residents.

Community Response

In the wake of these events, there’s a noticeable increase in community vigilance. Local forums and neighborhood groups are buzzing with discussions on safety measures, and there’s a palpable tension in the air.

Law Enforcement’s Role

Active Investigations

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is at the forefront, conducting thorough investigations into each of these incidents. Their efforts are crucial in restoring a sense of safety and order in the community.

Public Cooperation

The department is also emphasizing the importance of community cooperation. By providing tips or any relevant information, residents can play a vital role in aiding these investigations.

Addressing Gun Violence

A Broader Perspective

These incidents in San Dimas bring to light the broader issue of gun violence in communities. It raises questions about gun control laws, mental health support, and conflict resolution.

Community Initiatives

In response, there might be an increase in community-led initiatives focusing on violence prevention and awareness. Local organizations and leaders could step up efforts to foster a safer environment.

Moving Forward: Healing and Prevention

Healing the Community

The path to healing for San Dimas will involve community support systems, counseling services, and public memorials for the victims. It’s about coming together, acknowledging the loss, and supporting one another.

Preventive Measures

On a larger scale, this could lead to more robust community policing, educational programs on violence prevention, and possibly revisiting local gun control policies.

Strengthening Community Ties

Building Resilience

In light of recent events, San Dimas faces the challenge of rebuilding its sense of community. This involves strengthening neighborhood ties and fostering a supportive environment where residents can feel safe and connected.

Community Meetings and Vigils

Organizing community meetings and vigils can play a vital role in this process. These gatherings not only offer a space for mourning and reflection but also for discussing proactive measures to prevent future tragedies.

The Role of Mental Health Awareness

Understanding the Underlying Causes

A crucial aspect in the aftermath of such incidents is the focus on mental health. Understanding the underlying causes of violence and addressing mental health issues can be instrumental in preventing similar occurrences in the future.

Access to Resources

San Dimas, like many other communities, may need to enhance access to mental health resources, including counseling services, hotlines, and community outreach programs.

Media Responsibility and Coverage

Ethical Reporting

The role of media in covering such incidents is pivotal. Ethical reporting that respects the victims and their families, while providing accurate and timely information, is essential.

Avoiding Sensationalism

It’s important for media outlets, including Chokerclub, to avoid sensationalism and instead focus on informative, empathetic coverage that aids in the community’s healing process.

The Importance of Policy Changes

Reevaluating Gun Laws

Incidents like the San Dimas shootings often reignite discussions about gun control laws. It’s an opportunity for policymakers to reevaluate and potentially tighten gun regulations to ensure community safety.

Community-Based Approaches

There’s also a growing recognition of the need for community-based approaches to violence prevention. This includes local initiatives and programs that directly address the specific needs of communities like San Dimas.


The recent shootings in San Dimas have left the community in a state of shock and grief. While investigations continue, the motive and identity of some perpetrators remain unknown. Chokerclub remains dedicated to providing updates as more information becomes available. We hope for swift justice and healing for the affected families and the community at large.

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