The Killer Zivhu Accident: Unraveling the Truth

Chokerclub brings you an in-depth exploration of the perplexing road accident involving former Zanu PF MP, Killer Zivhu. Our focus delves into the circumstances and aftermath of this incident, shining a light on the details that have captivated public attention.

The Killer Zivhu Accident: Unraveling The Truth
The Killer Zivhu Accident: Unraveling The Truth

Key Takeaways

WhoKiller Zivhu, ex-Zanu PF MP
WhatRoad accident near Plumtree
WhenChristmas Day, 2023
WherePlumtree Road, Zimbabwe
ResponseZivhu downplays assassination claims
Current RolePresident of ZCBTA

The Incident Unfolds

A Narrow Escape

Former Zanu PF MP for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu, experienced a harrowing ordeal on Christmas Day, 2023. His vehicle rolled over in a significant road accident near Plumtree. Despite initial speculation, Zivhu later refuted the idea that this was an assassination attempt.

Social Media Proclamation

Adding a dramatic layer to the event, Zivhu took to social media, expressing fears for his life and bidding a potential farewell. This candid disclosure amplified the gravity of the situation, leading to widespread concern and speculation.

Background and Controversy

Political Strife

Zivhu’s political journey has been anything but smooth. Ousted from Zanu PF in 2021 over misconduct allegations, his outspoken nature and controversial statements have often landed him in the eye of the storm.

Recent Tensions

Prior to the accident, Zivhu had been vocal against the Zanu PF leadership, accusing them of economic mismanagement. This outspokenness led some observers to speculate about the potential motives behind the crash, despite Zivhu’s dismissal of such theories.

Background And Controversy
Background and Controversy

Aftermath and Reactions

Dismissing Assassination Rumors

In the aftermath, Zivhu swiftly addressed and dismissed assassination rumors. He expressed gratitude to the Plumtree police and the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) staff for their timely response and assistance, attributing his survival to their efforts.

Thanking Supporters

Amidst the chaos, Zivhu didn’t forget to acknowledge the prayers and support from the Zimbabwean community. This gesture of gratitude and humility resonated with many, highlighting his connection with the public.

Zivhu’s Current Endeavors

Leadership Role

Currently, Zivhu holds the presidency of the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA). This role signifies his continued influence and involvement in national affairs, despite his tumultuous political past.

Advocacy and Critique

Known for his candid opinions, Zivhu continues to engage in public discourse, often critiquing the status quo. His recent comments on Zimbabwean lawyers and the nation’s electoral process showcase his willingness to confront controversial issues head-on.

Ongoing Political Commentary

Election Reflections

Post-accident, Zivhu remains an influential voice in Zimbabwe’s political landscape. He recently urged fellow Zimbabweans to move beyond election controversies, focusing instead on nation-building. His statements suggest a desire for the country to heal from political divisions and focus on progress.

Critique of Political Obsession

Zivhu also critiqued the public’s fixation on the Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa, calling for a shift in focus towards development and the economy. His comments imply a call for a more balanced political discourse in Zimbabwe.

Suspicion and Conspiracy

Suspected Foul Play

In a chilling twist, Zivhu’s Mercedes Benz was mysteriously burnt to ashes, sparking suspicions of foul play. This incident, following the accident, adds layers of intrigue and conspiracy to his story.

Tampering Allegations

Compounding the mystery, Zivhu claimed his vehicle’s wheel nuts had been tampered with, leading to his road accident. These alarming assertions raise questions about his safety and the motives behind these incidents.

Public Statements and Controversies

Social Media Activity

Despite these challenges, Zivhu remains active on social media, using it as a platform to express his views on national issues, including the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe and the need for national reconciliation.

Candid Opinions

His bold statements continue to provoke discussion and debate, showcasing his role as a polarizing yet significant figure in Zimbabwean politics. His recent comments on the inefficiency of celebrating mediocrity in governance reflect his unfiltered approach to critiquing the status quo.

Role in Cross-Border Trade

Leadership in ZCBTA

As the president of the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association, Zivhu plays a crucial role in advocating for traders’ rights and facilitating cross-border commerce, a vital aspect of Zimbabwe’s economy.

Advocacy for Traders

His position in the ZCBTA allows him to influence policies and practices affecting cross-border trade, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to economic development in Zimbabwe, despite his turbulent political career.


Killer Zivhu’s journey post-accident is a tapestry of political engagement, controversy, and resilience. From his candid political commentaries to his leadership in cross-border trade, Zivhu continues to be a prominent figure in Zimbabwe’s socio-political arena. His experiences, marked by suspicion and adversity, reflect the complexities of Zimbabwean politics and the enduring spirit of its key players. Chokerclub remains dedicated to bringing you the latest developments in this unfolding story, offering insights into the life and times of one of Zimbabwe’s most intriguing figures.

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